Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baseball Vegetable Day

No fooling around -- I vowed earlier this week to do nothing on Saturday but watch baseball on TV, and sure enough that is exactly what I'm doing. It began with the Giants-Cardinals at 10am PST, with a dynamite outing from Tim Lincecum (the only thing worth watching on this year's dreadful Giants team). There's a pitcher to love: 5'10, 170 pounds, looks about 16 years old, and is arguably the best pitcher in baseball. He looked great in a 3-0 Giants win.

Conveniently, the Giants game ended just minutes before the start of the 1pm Dodgers-Braves game on the FOX national telecast. I watched the Braves come from behind to defeat the hated/evil/terrorist Dodgers.

And what's this? Just as that game ends, the 4pm national WGN telecast of the White Sox-Rays game commences. Great chance to finally see this much-heralded lineup of Rays youngsters, featuring Evan Longoria (who signed a six-year contract at age 23 despite only playing six major-league games in his entire life).

Sum total: Three consecutive ballgames over nine consecutive hours, interrupted only by a little "Stargate SG-1." I've been in need of a battery-recharging day with our national pastime.

And lest anyone think this day is going to be completely wasted, I've got a swanky restaurant reservation for later, so Baseball Vegetable Day should at least have a classy end.


Brotherman said...

Sounds horrible. I'd rather be kicked in the nuts repeatedly then subject myself to a day of MLB.

America's past time...
What's America's true past time? (Making money)

It's like the phrase "as American as apple pie".
What's more American than apple pie? (Chinese food)
Think about it. how often do you eat apple pie?

rakiel said...

to each his Dulcenea, mi hijo. and i try to buy an apple pie once a month.

Daniel Morris said...

It's a fair point, I'm not sure I've ever eaten apple pie once.