Thursday, May 8, 2008

Live-blogging = just not difficult

As I type these words, a colleague is arguing that it would be "a nightmare" for our editors to write small stories from a trade show, more or less in real-time as the event is unfolding. I couldn't agree less, which is why I'm live-blogging from the conference room in which we're having this very debate -- hoping to make a (somewhat childish) point that this stuff just isn't very hard to do.

The thing is, it's 2008 and any middle-schooler with a smartphone is more or less blog-casting their life globally in something close to real-time. If they can do it, then media professionals sure as hell had better be able to do it.

There? Was that so hard? Not really.


Brotherman said...

Once I figured out that the user name was actually my email it has been pretty easy to respond.

I've recently started using skype to teleconference into meetings.
It sure beats having to be there in person.

rakiel said...

unfortunately not everyone has a gift of blarney or a sense of humor or even a brain..... actually sometimes it just a lack of a little courage.

i agree the blog business gives everyone a place and a space to tell their hearts out..... just not sure eveyone should be telling their hearts out.

you're both right though - ain't technology grand!! i'm at your sister's with bro's wife in Warsaw able to check up on both of you (in a sense)... now if we get just get your Pa with it.......